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Mobil 1™ Extended Performance Oil Filters

* Starting at $7.99 *

Check out our sale on Mobil 1™ Extended Performance oil filters. These are the exceptional filters and now available starting at ONLY $7.99!

Due to high demand, we have a hard time keeping these Mobil 1™ Extended Performance oil filters in stock.

At these CRAZY prices, these oil filters are a smoke'n deal. Don't let this sale pass you by!

Part numbers available: M1C-151, M1C-152, M1C-153, M1C-154, M1C-251, M1C-252, M1C-253, M1C-254, M1C-255, M1C-451, M1C-453, M1C-651, M1-101, M1-102, M1-103, M1-104, M1-108, M1-107 M1-110 M1-111 M1-113 M1-201 M1-203 M1-204 M1-205 M1-206 M1-208 M1-209 M1-210 M1-211 M1-212 M1-213 M1-302 M1-303 M1-403 M1-404 M1-405

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Look for our new 3-packs with FREE SHIPPING!

Castrol SFX™ Premium Oil Filter Special!

* Starting at $6.99 *

Check out our super special on Castrol SFX™ Premium oil filters. These are high quality filters and now available for ONLY $6.99!

As far as we can tell the Castrol SFX™ Premium oil filters are the same as the Mobil1™ Extended Performance oil filters, but with a sweet green paint job.

These are definitely premium filters. Don't let this special pass you by!

Part numbers available: CAS-10060, CAS-16, CAS-2, CAS-3387A, CAS-3506, CAS-3593A, CAS-3600, CAS-3614, CAS-3675, CAS-3682, CAS-3980, CAS-4967, CAS-5, CAS-6607, CAS-7317, CAS-8A, CAS-9018, CAS-9972

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Pennzoil Platinum HE™ Oil Filters
Pennzoil Platinum HE Oil Filters

* Starting at $7.79 *

Hey Pennzoil Fans! Check out these Pennzoil Platinum HE™ oil filters. These fine oil filters are now available starting at ONLY $7.79!

Pennzoil Platinum HE™ oil filters are Pennzoil's offering for those looking for a longer drain interval when using synthetic oil.

These are really nice filters. Pennzoil fans, get them here!

Part numbers available: HPZ-9A, HPZ-12, HPZ-21, HPZ-28, HPZ-29, HPZ-37, HPZ-38, HPZ-167, HPZ-172

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